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AMCR - *Conditions of Entry   1. The AMCR Committee shall select those applicants who are to join the ‘Run’. The criteria for selection will be as determined by the AMCR Committee. The AMCR committee shall not be required to give reason for the non-selection of an applicant and no further correspondence will be entered into following its decision.   2. All vehicles must be conventional two wheel drive vehicles with a maximum crew of two people unless special dispensation is granted by the Event Chairman. All vehicles must have a main driver (Captain) and co-driver. (Minimum of 2 licensed adults (18+ years of age) per car.)   3. All vehicles entered in the ‘Run’ must have been built between 1963 and 1977, or must be a vehicle of approved special interest.   4. All vehicles must be models/makes of cars that are classified as a ‘muscle car’ built between 1963 and 1977 inclusive. Other eligible vehicles are those that participated at Bathurst between 1963 and 1977 inclusive eg: Mustang, Camaro, Corvette, American Charger, early model Holden, GT Falcon, GTS Monaro, Charger, Mini Cooper S etc. Please see the website for a comprehensive list of all eligible vehicles. (Vehicles of special interest will be considered and the choice is ultimately up to the Event Chairman).   5. Vehicles in the ‘Run’ can be a genuine or replica model/make.   6. All drivers in the ‘Run’ must hold a full licence (Not L or P plates), while all vehicles must be insured and roadworthy as prescribed by South Australian State Laws. All vehicles will be scrutineered to confirm eligibility. Each driver must be able to present a copy of current registration papers and a full driver’s licence at any time. Motorcycles, buses, coaches, caravans, skateboards, motorised wheelbarrows etc. are not allowed to participate.   7. The entrant's number, as determined and advised by the AMCR organisers, must be fixed (unaltered) to the front doors of the vehicle. All cars must prominently display the event sponsors’ stickers, which will be supplied by the organisers, along with instructions on how/where to adhere to your vehicle.  These stickers must be placed where AMCR organisers advise. Entrants must display stickers, supplied by AMCR organisers, showing the names of the main driver and co-driver on both sides’ rear passenger window.   8. Entrants taking part in the ‘Run’ in any way must sign an indemnity form as supplied by AMCR organisers.   9. The entrant indemnifies AMCR organisers against any penalty or liability the AMCR organisers may incur as a consequence or action of the entrant.   10. Entrants who are participating in the motor sport events on the ‘Run’ must have a fire extinguisher fitted inside the vehicle. Helmets must be worn when participating in any motor sport event by both driver and co-driver. NOTE: There is a maximum of 1 person per car in each motor sport event. (Driver only, no passengers.)   11. In addition to the registration fee, entrants must procure further contributions (including donations) of at least $4,000 per vehicle. $4,000 must be the minimum amount showing on the team’s fundraising page at upon departure on Saturday 27 October 2018.   12. At all times entrants must abide by the rules of the road as prescribed by State South Australian and Victorian laws and statutes.   13. Entrants must observe all rules and regulations and vehicle specifications as issued by the AMCR organisers.   14. Entrants are not to operate bank accounts for the purpose of fundraising, using the name of Aussie Muscle Car Run or Rally, Muscle Run or Rally, Leukaemia Foundation Run or Rally or any of these combinations.   15. The AMCR organisers reserve the right to conduct random breath testing of drivers for blood alcohol and drug content throughout the event. 16. The AMCR organisers reserve the right to refuse any entrants, if it is considered the car theme, decoration or sponsor does not portray the appropriate image required to be associated with the Leukaemia Foundation of Australia.   17. Should your vehicle break down on the open road, the AMCR organisers will have your vehicle delivered to the nearest town at no charge. If the event’s support mechanics are unable to repair the vehicle and, therefore, the vehicle is unable to continue on the ‘Run’, it is then the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner to have the vehicle transported to their desired destination. (At the owner’s cost.)     The AMCR organisers’ ruling on eligibility is final.  Further conditions of entry may be drawn up by the organisers and will appear on:
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